Catwoman Uses Bitcoin!

One of the most ultimate Tough Cookies around is now a Bitcoin user herself. Who am I talking about? Why Selina Kyle of course… or as she’s more fondly known to most, Catwoman!

In DC Comics’ latest addition to the Catwoman comic series, Catwoman #30, Selina Kyle uses Bitcoin in order to pay her friend’s hospital bills from afar while maintaining her precious anonymity. That’s right, because she understands the digital currency’s true power.

Of course, the extent to which the comic writers understand Bitcoin is not terribly encouraging. The comic refers to Bitcoin twice more, once when it says,

A heist at the Monte Carlo Casino! An arbitrage coup wiped out a bitcoin stash! The Queen’s crown jewels snatched!

Catwoman #30 Bitcoin

The “bitcoin stash” it’s referring to is a pile of gold coins, not exactly what the digital currency is in reality. The second reference mentions a character who “saw some floater bids for click-bait to open dead wallets for a Bitcoin theft,” which also demonstrates a valiant effort to use appropriately techie sounding terms, but still fell short of the actually digital currency vocabulary.

Catwoman #30 Bitcoin.2

But whether fully understood or not, it’s pretty clear from the comic that Bitcoin is something of value that can be susceptible to theft. And that part is true. Other than that, it’s just cool that it was mentioned at all. Hopefully we see lots more of those in the future.

Until then, we’ll keep our eye on Catwoman and the several other prominent Tough Cookies out there who have already embraced Bitcoin. And I hope you other Tough Cookies out there will join us soon on the Bitcoin train too!

On that note, I have a shameless plug. My other company, Money & Tech, is putting together the first ever Bitcoin Beginners Fair tomorrow Tuesday June 3rd @ 7pm in San Francisco. So if you’re around, and want to come to a free event and learn more about Bitcoin, I hope to see you there!

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Changing the Ratio

Rachel SklarMeet Rachel Sklarformer lawyer and founding editor of the Huffington Post & Mediaite, as well as advisor to start-ups such as and – in short, one powerhouse Tough Cookie!

I love Sklar because she has been making it her personal mission to Change the Ratio, and get more women in key positions in tech companies. From that effort was born, a private network of women founders, journalists, strategists, execs, activists, and makers which Sklar co-founded with fellow writer/editor Glynnis MacNicol. quickly grew into a massive hub where fellow amazing women could find partners, sponsors, funders, new jobs, even new hires, and feel like they’re a part of a strong network, a sisterhood, or as Sklar calls it –

“this posse of total ninja rock stars”

Now these women of are eager to tell their stories and help even more women. They recently published a collection of essays on Kindle called The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Women, which (not surprisingly) sold extremely well. So I couldn’t agree with Sklar more when she says that,

“there is a wildly underserved market for smart stories from smart women.”

In fact, that’s the very reason why I started Tough Cookie. And that’s why I’m telling you about Sklar and Because these stories need to be told, and women need to know that we are not alone. There are many many more of us out there – strong, awesome, rockstar women who can do anything we set our minds to.

So come on Tough Cookies!

Let’s work with each other, not against one another. Only together can we change the ratio.

Source: DailyWorth

Photo: Ladybrille Woman

The Other Woman in Cryptocurrency

Woman in BitcoinAfter writing that post about Crypto Moms, I came across this piece on Pursuing Nothing and immediately sympathized with the writer’s plight. Like me, she is not actually a mom, or anyone’s wife, and therefore doesn’t relate to the few emerging organizations that try to encourage women to get more involved in bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

But you don’t have to be a mom or a wife to get into this stuff.

Take me for example. I’m not even that technically-oriented. I did used to work at Google, but in sales and advertising. Now I’m a filmmaker and executive producer of multimedia news company Money & Tech. It’s been through that medium that I’ve learned to love this magical world of cryptocurrency. And despite having zero background in programming or computer science or cryptography, and despite being a wife or mother of any sort – I’ve managed to develop a decently solid understanding of digital currencies like bitcoin and the technology behind them.

It’s some incredible stuff! And it’s a shame more women aren’t getting into it too. So I’m all for any ways we can try to encourage that more – be it or But there has got to be a way for women like me, who don’t identify with either of those, to feel welcome in the bitcoin community.

Like  says in her Pursuing Nothing piece, my value isn’t only in my purchasing power. I’m a smart, capable human being who has a lot to contribute to this emerging industry, which is exactly what Sarah and I are both doing.

So how about it Tough Cookies – won’t you join us?

Source: Pursuing Nothing

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Crypto Moms!

Now I’m not a mother, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be. But regardless, I love what the Crypto Moms are doing. I’ve talked before about Bitcoin: why it’s so incredible and revolutionary, and why we women need to be more involved in helping drive that forward.

Crypto MomsWell, that’s exactly what the moms behind are doing. It’s not hard to understand that for digital currency to become truly mainstream, the huge gender imbalance must be corrected, since women control more than 50% of consumer purchasing power.

And it’s not just for moms either. Crypto Moms is a site dedicated to all women interested in digital currency. As they say on their website, their mission is

to encourage and assist women to participate in the emerging world of crypto currency overwhelmingly dominated by men.

That sure sounds like a group of Tough Cookies to me!

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Variety’s Power of Women: Inspiration Impact Honorees

Last September, I wrote a post about Variety’s Power of Women Honorees. And today, Variety is at it again, honoring six incredible ladies in the entertainment industry with the Inspiration Impact Honoree award for their admirable humanitarian efforts with their chosen causes.

Variety’s Inspiration Impact Honorees

Susan Sarandon is being honored for her work with Hope North, which works to educate and heal the youth of Uganda’s civil war. They are honoring Sarah Jessica Parker for her work with the New York City Ballet, and Claire Danes for her work with Afghan Hands. Broadway darling Idina Menzel co-created A Broader Way, an arts centered program for urban girls. International super model Iman volunteers with Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation, which provides support and relief for women and children in Somalia. And last but not least, A+E Networks president & CEO Nancy Dubuc works with veterans group Project Rubicon / The Mission Continues.

And there they are, the six amazing Tough Cookies who are blazing a clearer path in the male-dominated field of filmmaking and showing that you can be powerful and successul WHILE philanthropic and kind.

You go, Tough Cookies!

Source: Variety

Ladies, Bitcoin is Awesome!

Bitcoin survey on genderAccording to the latest of Lui Smyth’s Simulacrum new online survey of Bitcoin users, about 93% of all users of the cryptocurrency are male. Now it may not be a terribly representative sample, but it still is a strong indicator.

As Bitcoin enthusiast Arianna Simpson said, “If women fail to take an active interest in Bitcoin now, when it is still in its infancy and its potential is largely untapped, we will have yet another sector in which the gender is underrepresented and trailing.”

As the Chief Content Officer and Executive Producer of Money & Tech, I’m driven to tell the story behind the incredible innovations we are seeing in financial tech and digital currency right now. How people are reacting to it, what it means for us as a global community and economy, and who is helping drive it forward into the future.

But at the same time, my path and my passion are also (and have always have been) about the strength and presence of women in arenas where we are less represented, which is just as true of filmmaking as it is of tech and (even more so) the digital currency community.

I’ve forged my career so far by tackling industries commonly dominated by men – including filmmaking, tech, and even wildland firefighting – proving that women can be just as strong, powerful and nerdy.

I’ve shown that women can be leaders on the edge of exciting new horizons. And that’s pretty much where we are now with digital currency and its foundational technology of the distributed decentralized ledger. I think we’ve only just tapped the surface of what is possible, and the effect this can have on us, our lives, the global economy, and the way we interact and exchange value as human beings.

In fact, that’s precisely what I talk about on the Bitcoin panel at the San Francisco BIL conference back in early March. This is a fascinating moment in history to be on the front lines of. It’s pretty exciting stuff!

So c’mon ladies, don’t be intimidated! Let’s take on this big techie world of cryptocurrency together. It’s about time Bitcoin got a woman’s touch, don’t you think?

Let’s give Bitcoin a taste of our Tough Cookie!

Arianna Huffington’s Third Metric of Success

Arianna Huffington on ThriveMedia mogul Arianna Huffington has written an inspirational new book titled, “THRIVE: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-being, Wisdom, and Wonder.

In her words, this “third metric” for success calls into question the fact that,

Over time our society’s notion of success has been reduced to money and power… This idea of success can work — or at least appear to work — in the short term. But over the long term, money and power by themselves are like a two-legged stool — you can balance on them for a while, but eventually you’re going to topple over.

So this third metric that Arianna suggests we need consists of four pillars: well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving.

That’s why Arianna had nap rooms put into her Huffington Post offices. I can relate when she talks about how tempting it is for editors, reporters and engineers to try to match the non-stop news cycle that never sleeps, and risk serious burnout in the process. I’ve experienced this first hand myself with my day job at Money & Tech.

But the far more important thing than keeping up 24/7 is making sure we take breaks to rest and recharge, instead of forcing ourselves to drone on exhausted and drained, burning the candle at all ends. Because if we don’t take care of ourselves, then who will?

Part of being a Tough Cookie is taking responsibility for your own life, your own health and well-being, and making sure you balance your heart and mind, so that they are both able to weather the long, hard journey to success and self-worth.

It’s also about redefining our idea of success, so that we can quiet that annoying inner critic – or obnoxious roommate living in our head, as Arianna likes to call it – when it starts to get down on us. I’m sure as hell guilty of having a very loud and disruptive one myself. So I’m taking this lesson to heart, and I hope you will too!

Let’s cultivate a giving, heartful spirit within ourselves and our endeavors, and make an effort to embrace curiosity and empathy. That way, we can still embody sweet and soft, even while we are kicking ass and achieving our version of success. That’s so important to being a thriving, dynamic woman.

And coincidentally, that’s precisely what it means to be a Tough Cookie.

Source: DailyWorth

One Bad Ass Economist

Economist Susan AtheyIf you haven’t heard of Susan Athey, you should go read about her right now… or at least, right after you read this anyway. 🙂 First, let’s take a moment to review her beyond impressive resume.

Susan Athey earned not one, but three bachelor’s degrees in economics, mathematics, and computer science from Duke University at the age of 20. She then went on to promptly get her Ph.D. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business at the age of 24.

She then began a very successful career in academia, rising up through the ranks at MIT and then at Stanford – earning tenure as a professor at both universities.

But if that wasn’t cool enough, possibly her most impressive achievement is this: She was the first female to be awarded the John Bates Clark Medal, a super prestigious medal awarded annually by the American Economic Association to economists under 40 who:

“have made a significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge”

And of the first 17 economists awarded this medal, 11 went on to win the Nobel Prize Award. That’s some stepping stone! Not only did the American Economic Association decide Susan Athey had made such a contribution, they also found her the first woman to deserved this honor.

Now I won’t say what their thinking might have been for all those years when no women were awarded this medal. But whatever standards or glass ceiling they may have (consciously or unconsciously) placed over this accolade, Susan Athey shattered them right open.

Now that’s a Tough Cookie!

I had the privilege of meeting this incredible woman at the recent CoinSummit conference in San Francisco. I love that as Chief Content Officer and Producer of financial tech news media company Money & Tech (aka my day job), I get to attend a lot of these events and meet the top minds in tech, finance and economics.

Watch the CoinSummit interview with Susan Athey that I produced for Money & Tech – Susan Athey on Money & Tech

The Rise Of Self-Made Women Billionaires

Sheryl SandbergSheryl Sandberg is one hell of a pioneer and Tough Cookie. We’ve talked about how male-dominated the world of tech has been, and how it’s about time women stepped up in that arena.

And Sheryl has been doing just that. She’s practically the poster-child (or poster-adult) for that. She’s managed to established herself as a dominant figure in tech. And she did it without founding her own company or writing a single line of code.

The Forbes Billionaires list added 268 new names in 2014, and of those, 42 are women. That’s not bad odds. There’s still plenty of room for that to improve of course – but still, not too shabby.

And Sheryl’s got one of those spots.

Also on the list with her are these fellow self-made women billionaires:

Folorunsho AlakijaFolorunsho Alakija is Nigeria’s first female billionaire, and she did it on her own. She started out a secretary for a Nigerian merchant bank in the 1970s, then quit her job to study fashion design in England and eventually founded Nigerian fashion label Supreme Stitches which boasted some seriously upscale clientele. But that only got her so far. So in 1993, she secured an oil-prospecting license for a 620,000-acre plot of land, hired Texaco to assess the oil potential, and discovered it was one of Nigeria’s most prolific oil blocks – of which she owns a 60% stake. She had to fight Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo for her share of that at one point, but she won out in the end. (Boy, did she!)

Denise Coates

Denise Coates is a self-made billionaire in the U.K, who got her first taste of success taking over some of her father’s shops as an accountant and turning them around to sell for a pretty profit. She then noticed the success of online gambling businesses, and launched the online betting firm in March 2001, of which she is now joint CEO and the primary shareholder.

Pretty inspiring stories, huh? Let’s here it for these self-made Tough Cookies! And if they can do it, so can you!

Source: Forbes

The Villains in Us

All About EveIsn’t it disappointing how simplistic and one-dimensional today’s female characters in films have become, particularly in action-oriented films? And I don’t just mean the heroines, although they are often severely lacking in flaws and character development themselves. But no, today I want to talk about the villains – or villainesses as it were. It’s these women who shape the conflict of the story. And too often they are short changed, given little thought and weak motivation, and forced to play one mode all the time – outright evil.

What ever happened to the old classic villainesses, the quintessential antagonistic characters of old movies like All About Eve who smiled so sweetly and behaved so innocently, until you caught a glimpse of her true conniving character, her plotting, her scheming. It was more exciting to see her fangs come out only those rare occasions, when she’s truly pushed to the edge. Because that means that she has one – an edge. She has a limit that she can be pushed to, just like the rest of us.

Even the villains have a reason for what they’re doing. Even they deserve to have their story told. And the best villains are the ones that some small part of us can relate to, can understand, and in the rarest moments when they reveal their vulnerability, we may even root for. Those are the more interesting villains, to play and to watch. And they’ve sadly all but disappeared from mainstream cinema, particularly in the action genre where they are so important and needed now more than ever.

So where have all the great villains and villainesses gone? Where are the messed-up, spiteful, and confused characters that shine a light on the darker parts of ourselves? We need them to feel whole as human beings, to understand and accept our own evils and anger within us, watch that battle play out on screen instead of inside ourselves. And the heroes of the stories need them to reflect the other side of themselves, and give them something to fight for. It’s actually quite healthy and therapeutic, and it’s what makes great films.

So come on you writers, directors, producers, filmmakers – let’s give these villains a bit more of ourselves and our creative efforts, shall we? Let’s give voice to the villains in us, and make some freaking great movies at the same time!

Plus, if you could make them female, then more power to you! And that means more power to those Tough Cookies who will play that part of the antagonist in your story.